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crash space

anyone got any crash space with a dsl connection and near metro?

i think i found a place, but since i just paid most of my bills for november and december and some of january, i'm not going to have cash until, well, right before i get on the plane to come that side, and i'm sure sure dude will hold the room for me.

going to be that side from the nite of 5 december [my plane lands at national at 11pm] to the morning of 9 january [i leave from national at 6.30am]

im still looking for a room but i just thought i could ask around here. anyone at howard or catholic need a house-sitter over break? all i really need is a bed, an iron, and a dsl connection. everything else i can sort out myself. im going to be working during the day [pushing papers at a desk] and doing my work-at-home job -- typing transcripts of recorded material -- at nite.

if you know of anyone have them hit me up at

baie dankie!

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