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Election day celebration plans

Washington, DC area folks

The Washington Post is advertising a Winners/Losers election day party on November 5th. The event is FREE and offers FREE BEER.

The "Winner" aka Barack's Celebration Bash party will be held at "Top of the Hill" Bar and Grill @ 319 Pennsylvania Ave SE (4 blcoks from the Capitol South Metro on the blue line). FREE BEER and $5 Nachos & Quesadillas.

The "Loser" aka Kick Rocks McCain/Palin party will be held at "18th Ammendment" Bar & Grill @ 613 Pennsylvania Ave SE (2 blocks from the Easter Market Metro on the blue line). FREE BEER and $5 Chicken Tenders & Wings.

Both events start at 6PM, and the FREE BEER last until they run out and food specials are all night long.

Who is down to show up at the "Losers" party in Obama t-shirts, so we can point, laugh, and hand out Obama buttons to all the salty ass Republicans???

RSVP @ ExpressNightOut.com and click the "Happy Hour" icon.

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