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This was written by one of my good frat brothers. Please read and feel free to forward.

*I was dreaming when I wrote this; forgive me if it goes astray*

Just doing some thinking and had to get this up off my chest. We (people with melanin) are standing at a crossroads. We've had some bad times in the past (Prince Jones, Amadou Diallo, Flavor of Love) and some REALLY bad times in the distant past (Middle Passage, Reconstruction, "B*tch set me up"). We now have a tangible opportunity to do our part and, in my opinion, significantly change the course of our future.

You may be saying, "But The Others seemed to be pretty cool in the 90s." I agree with that. But I think the question is "Did The Others ever really have OUR best interest at heart, or maybe their own?" Could relief have been offered in Rwanda as it was in Bosnia? Could more have been done about the huge increase in DWB traffic stops in Maryland (where many of y'all drive daily)?

How many times when you were younger did you say, "Man, if we had a Black president..." and then list like, five things that would be better for US (not necessarily them; we can't worry about them). Also, you thought it would never happen. Jesse was never gonna get elected; you didn't think twice about Al and his perm. Knowing that it COULD REALLY HAPPEN this year, could you forgive yourself if he/we lost this nomination by the vote that you could have cast?

I know that we're The Talented Tenth, so we all have super-cool jobs and lots of personal responsibilities, but let's not lose sight of one of our most important responsibilities: the welfare of our people.

If you've already decided to vote for The Others, I'm not here to persuade you. But if you DO want change and you're NOT a sellout, then please get out there and cast that vote for The Guy with the Controversial Middle Name.

Don't assume that because you live in a predominately Black urea, the numbers are gonna go our way; there's a lot of shufflin', grinnin' negroids whose votes need to be countered.

I won't preach to you anymore. I'm Swayze.

p.s. if you think somebody else may need convincing/motivating, feel free to forward this.
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